((reminder to come say hello to me over at my deviantart account— I’d love to chat! I’ll be answering my inbox messages from this week later today, so hop in on that if you want to say hey.

if you note me, I’ll even drop my skype account, for those rare occassions when it actually works (which it hasn’t, stably, for… well over a week?)

I don’t really do much jinka stuff anymore, but still on occassion. maybe if there was a good, active group I knew of without an overriding theme, I could get back into gijinka stuff, but at the moment, I’m only remaining a member of a couple of groups related to pokemon stuff. u v u;;

/floats off into the sunset))

OH wow what total crap your character is

I don’t think you could have possibly worded that any more awkwardly than you did, non-native english speaking anon

for some reason I instinctively read it in a Russian accent though??

anyways, I got some not rude anons too, but I’ll draw answers to those so if I didn’t answer your asks, that’s probably why (here’s looking at you, strange riddle anon)

Ding dong the witch is dead

not quite, but nice try?

my muse is dead, though. really dead. the hate for this character has become infectious, because ever since I was told that Taku wasn’t good enough, subpar, inadequate, I shoved him away for a while in disgust and neglected him. and sure enough, when you starve a character of attention, your muse for them will die as well, apparently, because I haven’t been able to regain my grasp on him at all.I was honestly able to convince myself that my character is shit, and that everyone else knows he’s shit, and now I can’t seem to do anything decent with him at all.

so I’m just sort of at a stalemate here with myself, staring my own creation in the face and wondering what to do with him, because I have no ideas for his future, and I know that the fact that he has no future will not bother anybody, and that does not compel me to work on it at all, and it’s just this vicious cycle of me not caring, and ranting continuously while I’ve taken one too many pain pills at 1am on an ask that was actually pretty rude in the first place. now that I look at it again

I should stop now


Pros to ship with me

  • Our ship is probably gonna be rly cute

Cons to ship with me

  • I’ll talk about it all the time
  • I’ll give you what ifs and how woulds all the time
  • I will think of AUs and share
  • I will draw them A LOT

I created a new character, Nola the chimecho today. Then I realized that I already made a chimecho almost 4 years ago. So I put them side by side.

I don’t think I’ve improved at all bawww :`o

youre "art" is absolutely awful

where did you even come from anon

I haven’t updated this blog in at least a month

go home, you’re drunk

slowerbromance  said:




I’m guessiiiiiiing… metagross, male, and he is mute? Very nice looking so far~

in all seriousness, though, I’m really glad you’re joining! I hope we can have fun times together and stuff. It’s always fun to join when you know people, and trust me, you do know other people who are joining/already members~

see you there, I guess |D ))

((I guess rp group joining periods just don’t work the way they used to 
I wait all day and stay up late to submit my application, but as it turns out, people aren’t biting each other’s faces off to get in within 2 minutes before the joining window is over, and people aren’t waiting in a big welcoming meet and greet party in rp chat, because your apps aren’t being checked and accepted quickly, rather, within just at  the end of the month…
ahhh hahahah does anybody else remember those big ordeal type joinings? I did so many of them, they used to feel like initiation ceremonies or something lmao))

(( nobody had advice, so I just had to wing it, I guess. but now I’m moving it to photoshop to finish it.

begging for advice again: how should I go about doing a background?? what do I do I literally haven’t the slightest idea omg))


50:If you’re single, why do you think you are?
I dunno, there’s probably something fundamentally wrong with me that seriously turns people off of me, hahah /shrug

60:What’s your opinion on open relationships?
Errrr, other people can do it, I guess, that’s whatever. But for me, I would never, ever want to be in a relationship like that, not at all, no way.

62:How do you define “cheating”?
Anything from a kiss on the lips to more romantic actions with another person of the sex your partner is attracted to, out of attraction and not just a friendly gesture.
Anything like that is a totally unacceptable deal-breaker to me, and just not okay… if somebody really loves you, they would never hurt you by “loving” somebody else, too. It’s just… aughhguhh this is a sensitive topic for me for some reason

65:Would you consider yourself a “cuddler”?
maaaybe? >//u//>;;


aaand those are all the messages I got for that askbox thing. thanks to everybody who submitted questions! (๑>◡<๑)b